Financial barriers for solar power lowered for King County families thanks to multicultural project focused on environmental justice

Eleven families in King County are starting off 2020 as a new kind of a homeowner, ones that now get their electricity from the sun.

Thanks to a project called “Solarize the Land Trust”, these homeowners, all low to moderate income, were recently able to install residential solar systems at their homes at either very little or no cost to them. This was a result of a partnership between Homestead Community Land Trust and Spark Northwest. The latter is a Seattle based nonprofit whose goal is to create communities powered by locally-controlled clean energy.

“Solarize Yakima” campaign will encourage residents to adopt solar-powered energy

A new campaign encouraging adoption of solar-powered energy could soon be coming to Yakima.

A resolution on the Yakima City Council’s Tuesday agenda authorizes an agreement with Spark Northwest, a Seattle-based nonprofit founded in 2001 that supports local efforts for residents in Washington and Oregon to invest in solar energy.


Solarize Northwest is excited to announce our first-ever Spanish language workshop in partnership with Nuestra Casa and Yakima Valley Conference of Governments. The workshop in Sunnyside, WA will cover the Solarize program, the best solar sites, costs and financing, and next steps for solar. The workshop is aimed at local Spanish speaking business owners who […]

Solarize Northwest seeks partners for 2019!

Spark Northwest plans to launch a series of community group purchase campaigns for solar energy in 2019. Our successful Solarize campaigns simplify the process of buying solar and help residents and small businesses take action together to lower their carbon footprint, build energy independence and save money. Spark Northwest is seeking local governments, tribes, or […]

Solarize Going Strong in Issaquah

This summer, homeowners in Issaquah have a chance to go solar with a community program called Solarize Issaquah. A collaborative effort of the city of Issaquah, Spark Northwest and a team of community volunteers, Solarize Issaquah is a time-limited campaign designed to help homeowners and small businesses purchase solar electric systems with a streamlined process and group purchase discount. Registration is open with upcoming workshops being held in August and September.

Solarize Northwest Sparks 5 Megawatts of Solar

This week, the Solarize Northwest movement reached a major milestone: our campaigns have resulted in over 5 megawatts of solar installations on local homes and businesses! We share this success with dozens of partners and thousands of community members like you who made it happen. Since 2011, Spark Northwest has launched 21 Solarize campaigns throughout […]

Issaquah Neighborhood Fighting Back Against Climate Change

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee paid a visit to the Issaquah Highlands Friday afternoon to celebrate a local innovator in the fight against climate change.

The governor was given a personal home tour by residents Bryan Bell and Karin Weekly, whose townhouse — part of the zHome development on Ninth Place Northeast — functions a little differently than the average American home.

Opened in 2011, zHome is the first zero net-energy multifamily project in the nation, meaning the homes replace all of the energy they consume with clean energy.

Solarize is Coming to Issaquah!

The City of Issaquah is launching a Solarize Campaign and we invite you to be a part of it!

Solarize Issaquah is a collaborative effort of the City of Issaquah, the nonprofit Spark Northwest and community volunteers designed to bring solar energy to homes and businesses in Issaquah. This is a limited-time campaign that brings neighbors together to save time and money through the group purchase of solar systems. A group of community volunteers recently selected Northwest Solar & Electric as our solar installation partner for the campaign.

Environmental program gets solar panels thanks to Solarize U

The home of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide is about to get much greener thanks to a donation from UO’s Solarize U program.

A team of solar installers erected a 3.5-kilowatt solar array on the roof of a historic Eugene building that houses lawyers, scientists and other professionals working to protect communities and the environment in more than 80 countries around the globe.