About Solarize Northwest

The Neighborhood Approach

Solarize Northwest is a Spark Northwest program designed to bring clean and affordable solar energy to communities in Washington and Oregon.  By partnering with community groups and local installers, we help neighbors come together to save time and money through the group purchase of solar systems.

Every neighborhood campaign features:

  • Grassroots outreach and promotion by community volunteers
  • Competitively selected contractors with clear prices
  • Free educational workshops for all participants
  • Free site assessments for all participants to determine solar suitability
  • A limited time offer to get a great deal!

How it Works

More questions? See Solarize FAQs.

A Program of Spark Northwest

Solarize Northwest is a program of Spark Northwest, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating communities powered by locally-controlled clean energy.  We partner with a number of groups on Solarize campaigns, including community organizations, solar installers, utilities, cities, solar lenders, and foundations.

Visit the Spark Northwest website to learn more about our work.