Solarize Mid-Columbia

Installation at Solarize Mukilteo

This campaign is managed by Hire Electric, a graduate of Spark Northwest’s Solarize U training. Please direct your questions to Hire Electric.

Thanks for making Solarize Mid-Columbia a success!

logo for Solarize Mid-Columbia

Our Solarize U program trained community volunteers, community groups, and Hire Electric launched Solarize Mid-Columbia for residents in Benton and Franklin Counties in 2013.  Community volunteers teamed up a coalition of community groups, including CCANHire Electric was vetted by the community to serve as the campaign’s installation team.

Now that registration has closed and installations are complete, we’re excited to start generating some solar energy. Thanks to everyone that took the time to learn about solar and participate in this project to make this campaign a great success!

Solarize Mid-Columbia by the numbers…map for Solarize Mid-Columbia

  • Timeline: March – July 2013
  • Registered: 22 residents
  • Evaluated: 20 homes
  • Solarized: 12 Mid-Columbia homes




Community-Selected Contractor

Hire Electric

The installation team Hire Electric was selected by your neighbors through a competitive process to serve Solarize Mid-Columbia.