Solarize Thurston

Girl standing in front of home with solar panels

This campaign is managed by Thurston Energy, a graduate of Spark Northwest’s Solarize U training. Please direct your questions to Thurston Energy.

Thanks for making Solarize Thurston a success!

In 2012, we partnered with Thurston Energy to bring a Solarize U training to Thurston County. Trainees launched two Solarize campaigns in Thurston County.  By partnering with neighborhood groups, sustainability groups, faith communities, and other affinity groups, Thurston Energy helped people come together to enjoy significant discounts through the group purchase of solar systems.

Now that registration has closed and installations are complete, we’re excited to start generating some solar energy. Thanks to everyone that took the time to learn about solar and participate in this project to make this campaign a great success!

Key features of Solarize Thurston included:

  • Grassroots outreach and promotion by community volunteers
  • Competitively selected contractors with set prices
  • Access to 3.0% APR financing through approved Thurston Energy lenders
  • Free educational workshops for all participants
  • Free site assessments for all participants to determine solar suitability
  • A limited time offer to get the best deal on solar around!

map for Solarize Thurston


Thurston Energy