father holding baby with solar panels in background

As a Solarizer, you are a member of a group of dedicated, environmentally conscious, community-oriented citizens.

You have made a commitment to renewable energy, fueling the local clean energy economy and the global movement. You represent over 4,000 citizens educated through our workshops—citizens who stand together in support of accessible renewable energy.

As a Solarizer, you recognize the value of our workshops and the power of neighborhoods coming together to learn and grow. Please help us bring this value to more communities in our region.

When you make a donation to Northwest SEED, you are supporting education, project implementation, and long term policy and advocacy in support of solar energy in the Pacific Northwest. We work to empower communities to understand their energy needs, and respond effectively to global climate change with local action.

Together, we can build a healthier future for generations to come, starting at home. Thank you for all you do to support clean energy and healthy communities.

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