Efforts heat up to bring solar to Mukilteo

By Sara Bruestle

Mukilteo is about to go solar.

A local committee is launching a community effort to bring solar energy to homes or businesses in Mukilteo.

The Solarize Mukilteo Steering Committee has partnered with Snohomish County PUD and Northwest SEED to launch Solarize Mukilteo, a program that offers discounts and other resources for solar system installation.

The first of four workshops is scheduled for July 28 in Mukilteo. The information sessions will help interested residents and business owners learn more about solar energy and get through the process of “going solar.” Registration is now open.

Locals who decide to install solar panels can do so with reduced costs realized through a Solarize Mukilteo group discount and incentives offered by the PUD, Washington state and the federal government. Most are time-limited offers.

“Our goal in this committee is to make the process easier to understand and to do the contractor research for people, and also to educate people about solar if they don’t know much about it or if they are skeptical about it,” said Mary Shank, a Mukilteo resident on the Steering Committee.

The community partners are ramping up their Solarize Mukilteo efforts because they say there’s never been a better time than now to go solar.

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Appeared in Mukilteo Beacon on July 25, 2012.

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