Harnessing the sun for energy in Madison Park

By Sarah Radmer

“You want to know why I want solar?” Stephan Roche asks as he lifts the hatch and plugs his Nissan Leaf electric car in. “It’s this right here.”

Roche works in financial services and lives in the Madison Park neighborhood. He wants to be able to take his car “off the grid” by using electricity generated from solar panels. With a family of five, including 14-year-old triplets, he’s not sure whether he’ll generate enough to keep up with their electricity needs, but he wants to get as much as he can.

He’s been “dreaming of solar” since he purchased his electric car two years ago. When a friend told him about the Solarize Seattle campaign, he immediately signed up.

He told them, “‘As soon as you’re ready to come to Madison Park, I’m in,’ and they got enough people from this area that they decided to come down here.”


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Appeared in Madison Park Times on August 1, 2013.

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