Snoqualmie Elementary to get solar power

By Dylan Chaffin

Snoqualmie Elementary School is the recipient of a new solar power system thanks to the “Solarize Snoqualmie” initiative’s success.

As part of the initiative, the City of Snoqualmie and NW Wind and Solar agreed that the company would donate 1-kilowatt per 10 contracts signed for residential solar panel installation.

To date, 38 households have signed up, meaning the proposed system is 3-kilowatts, but has the potential to expand to 4-kilowatts if two more contracts are signed by March 31, wrote Associate Planner Nicole Sanders in an email.

A 4-kilowatt system would offset more than 104,000 pounds of carbon dioxide during its first 25 years of operation, according to a city press release.

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Appeared in on March 3, 2016.

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