Solar incentives aid an interconnected world

There’s no debating that we need cleaner, more efficient energy. Coal power still exists in Washington but is thankfully on its way out, and with luck we will not be harboring additional coal trains moving through our city. Wind energy has positives, but destroys habitat and kills birds and bats. There’s still hope for turbines to have less impact, but we need a diverse energy portfolio. What about solar?

Solarize Seattle: Central/Southeast, a campaign by Northwest Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (Northwest SEED) and Seattle City Light, proves that solar is not only viable in Washington or Seattle, but also here on Capitol Hill. This is their seventh campaign in Washington State, the fourth in Seattle, reaching over 1,750 people at public workshops, with 300 residents installing solar, and investing $7.5 million into the local solar economy. The campaign not only offers the benefits of group buying discounts, connections to banks for low interest loans, but also educates participants through the process. As solar continues to grow, rebranding from “alternative” to mainstream energy, it’s increasingly important to provide good information.


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Appeared in Capitol Hill Times on July 18, 2013.

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