Solarize Snoqualmie Wins the 2016 Municipal Excellence Award in Environmental Category!

Competing against 31 other cities and 50 projects, Northwest Seed’s Solarize Snoqualmie program has won the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) 2016 Municipal Excellence Award in the category “making a difference in your environment.”

The award recognized the dramatic increase in homes with solar panels achieved  in the City of Snoqualmie and nearby communities following five Solarize workshops. The group purchase program increased solar installations within the City of Snoqualmie from eight before the program to a final total of 37, with an additional 15 Solarize installations in nearby areas.

Visit the AWC website to learn more about Solarize Snoqualmie and and the Municipal Excellence Awards.

Also be sure to check out the video below from AWC to hear the mayor of Snoqualmie and other key project partners talk about solar energy in Snoqualmie and building more sustainable communities:


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