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Northwest SEED Publications

The Solarize Guidebook: A Guide to Collective Purchasing of Residential PV Systems (Version 2.0)

Authored by Northwest SEED, May 2012

thumbnail for Solarize guidebookThis guidebook is intended as a road map for project planners and solar advocates who want to convert “interest” into “action,” to break through market barriers and permanently transform the market for residential solar installations in their communities. It describes the key elements of the Solarize campaigns in Portland, and offers several program refinements from projects beyond Portland. The guidebook provides lessons, considerations, and step-by-step plans for project organizers to replicate the success of Solarize Portland.  The Solarize Guidebook was prepared for and funded by the Department of Energy, under the SunShot initiative.

A Guide to Community Shared Solar: Utility, Private, and Nonprofit Project Development (Version 2.0)

thumbnail for A Guide to Community Shared Solar Utility, Private, and Nonprofit Project Development Version 2.0 Authored by Northwest SEED, May 2012

This guide is a resource for those who want to develop community shared solar projects, from community organizers or solar energy advocates to government officials or utility managers. By exploring the range of incentives and policies while providing examples of operational community shared solar projects, this guide will help communities plan and implement successful energy projects. In addition, by highlighting some policy best practices, this guide suggests changes in the regulatory landscape that could significantly boost community shared solar installations across the nation.

Additional Publications

thumbnail for Planning and Implementing a Solarize Initiative A Guide for State Program Managers Planning and Implementing a Solarize Initiative: A Guide for State Program Managers

Authored by Clean Energy States Alliance, 2014

This Guide, funded through Rooftop Solar Challenge II, focuses on two successful state-driven Solarize programs—Solarize Connecticut and Solarize Mass—as case studies to help program managers from other states develop Solarize programs.

thumbnail for Cadmus Report of ETO Solar Programs cover Evaluation of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Solar Programs: Solarize SE Southeast Portland and Solar Energy Review

Authored by the Cadmus Group, November 2010

Energy Trust of Oregon (Energy Trust) undertook this study to gauge the effectiveness of and participant satisfaction with two of its major solar efforts in 2009 and early 2010: Solarize SE Portland (Solarize SE) and Solar Energy Reviews (SER). Both these programs are designed to accelerate decision making and to minimize barriers to adoption of solar energy systems in homes. In particular, both programs strive to shorten the typical 2+ year solar installation decision-making process.