Support Packages

We have led or trained managers of 18 Solarize campaigns across Washington and Oregon, galvanizing over 900 homeowners to install solar and unleashing $18.7 million in local economic activity. To date, our Solarize Northwest program has resulted in over 4.5 MW of installed solar.

Above: Solarize Snoqualmie project partners share the ingredients for a successful Solarize campaign after winning the AWC Municipal Excellence Award.

The following is a menu of Solarize support services that we can provide to communities that wish to lead a Solarize campaign. These services are meant to support, not supplant, the role of Campaign Manager, which would be filled by a local government staff person or volunteer.

1: Campaign Manager Training/Kickoff $5,000

This three hour on-site training meeting equips the campaign partners to run a successful Solarize campaign and lays the groundwork for the team partnership. The training includes:

  • Solarize overview and best practices, including campaign goal setting, contractor selection process, and participant management
  • Preview of Solarize educational workshop content
  • Workbook with Solarize basics, informational resources, planning documents, and lessons learned
  • Breakout sessions to brainstorm contractor selection criteria or outreach opportunities
  • Overview of outreach materials, solar workshop PowerPoint, and more

2: Grassroots Outreach & Solar Education $9,000

We will guide and support the grassroots outreach and education effort by the campaign manager.

  • Provide outreach material templates from successful Solarize campaigns
  • Facilitate initial Outreach Committee meeting; determine volunteer roles and share proven outreach activities; develop outreach calendar.
  • Update workshop curriculum and material with latest costs and benefits information
  • Co-lead four workshops with Campaign Manager, selected installer, utility and lending partners

3: Installer Selection Support $5,000

A successful Solarize campaign works with the community to competitively select a solar installer or team of solar installers. We will support the Campaign Manager in this process:

  • Facilitate Installer Selection Committee Meeting to refine RFP and selection scoring process
  • Provide transparent scoring rubric and instructions to Proposal reviewers
  • Convene and facilitate Proposal review meeting to select interviewees
  • Facilitate installer interview session and subsequent decision-making with Installer Selection Committee
  • Create and sign a tailored MOU between Northwest SEED and selected installer(s) specifying the solar installation offering, customer service expectations, and campaign roles.

4: Designated Webpage & Participant Tracking $6,500

We will host a dedicated campaign webpage with integrated Salesforce database to serve as the campaign homepage online. Services include:

  • Host and maintain a campaign homepage with information about the Solarize campaign
  • Host and maintain online registration with a participant database in Salesforce
  • Track participant status through Workshop, Site Assessment, and Contracting, with updates from selected installers
  • Provide periodic registration reports to campaign organizers over a 4-month registration window

5: Reporting, Metrics & Evaluation $3,500

Solarize Campaigns provide a valuable opportunity to connect with citizens and to track progress toward sustainability goals. We will provide reporting and evaluation to enable the Campaign Manager to measure progress. Services include:

  • Monthly Report to Campaign Manager outlining activities and progress
  • Final Data and Reporting on Campaign Results
  •  Results of Participant Survey and Lessons Learned

We are happy to work with project organizers to develop a customized support package specific to your needs. Please contact our Program Director, Linda Irvine. 206-267-2215.